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What are 5 things that every moonstone lover should know?

What are five things that every Moonstone lover should know? Reflecting on values, Moonstone is a beautiful stone that changes colors when looked at in different lights or turned in the hand. So, our suggestion to all lovers of this crystal is to offer oneself to any advice that is given and not neglect one of these pillars: What is a Moonstone? A Moonstone is a type of feldspar prized for its iridescent sheen. The name Moonstone comes from its milky white color, similar to the moons. It's thought to harness the moon's power and is often used in crystal healing. Moonstones are found worldwide, but Sri Lanka and India are two of the most well-known sources. Moonstones have a...

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About Opal: Can opal be man made?

Here are answers to your questions about buying authentic opal and other gemstones. A guide to help you making a safe purchase in a market full of man made items. Find our more how to tell from a real or fake gemstone. How do I buy a good opal? How can I tell if an opal is real?

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