Our Story

Welcome to Solistial, where nature's beauty and fashion merge to create stunning handmade jewelry and accessories. Our story began in 2014 when our creator and founder, Christy, embarked on a journey inspired by nature, music, and the fashion scenes. It was during her exploration of the psychedelic trance scene that the concept of handmade jewelry adorned with crystals and wire wrapping emerged.

Driven by a deep appreciation for nature's allure, Christy envisioned a sustainable concept that would fuse fashion and crystals harmoniously. This led to the birth of our project, initially known as The Faerie Mines, and launched as an Etsy shop. As the years passed, Christy felt the need to redefine and rebrand the project to align with her evolving character, personality, and enhanced designs.

Born under the Sagittarius zodiac sign, Christy shares a deep connection with fire and the sun. Drawing inspiration from this elemental association, the brand name Solistial was conceived. Combining "solis," the Latin term for sun, and the suffix "-tial" denoting belonging, Solistial embodies the essence of being a child of the sun.

Sustainability lies at the heart of everything we do. Christy practices recycling, upcycling, and ethical sourcing, ensuring that we show love and respect to nature while delivering high-quality products that make you feel beautiful. From designing the jewelry and sourcing natural gemstones to creating the items, testing the products, managing customer service, order processing, shipping, packaging, writing blogs, and running giveaways on social media, Christy is involved in every aspect of the brand.

Our mission is to make our unique creations affordable for everyone, while maintaining an exceptional level of craftsmanship and customer experience. Our products are designed to withstand the test of time, with durability and timeless designs that transcend passing trends. The gemstones we utilize hold inherent value as precious natural resources, further enhancing the allure and desirability of our creations.

Over the years, Solistial has had the privilege of serving over 7,000 customers who have become part of our growing community. We are humbled and grateful for the trust and support bestowed upon us by each individual who has chosen to adorn themselves with our creations. It is through these connections that we have cultivated a vibrant community of like-minded individuals who share a love for nature, fashion, and the ethereal beauty of crystals. Together, we celebrate self-expression, individuality, and the transformative power of handmade jewelry. 

At Solistial, we invite you to embark on a journey where fashion and nature converge. Discover the enchanting world of our handmade jewelry and accessories, meticulously crafted to reflect the beauty of the earth while allowing your inner light to shine. Join us in celebrating sustainability, individuality, and the timeless elegance of nature's treasures.