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About Opal: Can opal be man made?

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Today's blog post is about opal and its authenticity. This information can apply to any gemstone or product one may be looking to purchase. 

Nowadays there are many dupes on the market of all kinds of materials and products. One must be careful when making any type of purchase.

It is important to be cautious and well informed whenever purchasing especially when it comes to something expensive.

Here are some tips for you on making a safe purchase in regards to a genuine gemstone or product you may be looking to acquire

  • go through the supplier and its history
  • look for other genuine materials in the catalogue
  • looking at reviews as well as photo reviews
  • comparing the available photos by the supplier to photos of real gemstones/product
  • one may also ask the supplier for a video to see the colour changes in the stone, as sometimes photos can be hard to judge, especially due to screen/camera differences.
  • if your supplier, stocks man made items, check that this information is specified, for transparency and credibility of the supplier

How can you tell if an opal stone is real?

Man made opals also known as synthetic opal, tends to be more vibrant and saturated in coloration as well as textures are not blended as naturally as that of a real opal.

Let's say you already have a collection at home which you are unsure of its authenticity. A little tip would be to inspect your opal in direct light and if bubbles seem to be present, then likely it is a man made stone.  

The stone 'opalite' refers to a manmade 'gemstone' which has become a very popular material used for jewelry and decorations such as figurines and carvings. It is enhanced glass which changes colour as light passes through. This is a well-known man-made stone and always remember that opalite has nothing to do with opal.

Examples of opalite jewelry

Examples of opal jewelry


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