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Pink Floral Silk Mini Dress - Plumeria

Pink Floral Silk Mini Dress - Plumeria

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Pink Floral Silk Mini Dress - Plumeria
Unique Design: The captivating pink hue adorned with delicate black flowers offers an asymmetrical twist on the classic babydoll silhouette, showcasing a modern and playful design.
Plumeria Inspiration: Drawing from the mesmerizing color of the sacred plumeria flower, the dress embodies beauty and grace, highlighted by the vibrant pink hue contrasting elegantly with the black flowers.
Free-Spirited Style: With its flowy and mini length, the dress embodies freedom and movement, appealing to those embracing a boho-inspired fashion sense. The asymmetrical cut adds sophistication and intrigue, ensuring attention.
Adjustable Halter Neckline: Featuring a halter neckline that ties behind the neck, the dress offers a customizable fit, while the front straps allow creative crossing, enhancing the allure of the asymmetrical design.
Luxurious Silk Blend Comfort: Crafted from luxurious silk blend, the dress offers a lightweight and breathable feel, making it ideal for warm weather occasions. Its draping fabric effortlessly follows body contours, creating an elegant and feminine silhouette.
Versatile Occasion Wear: Suitable for summer parties, garden weddings, or making a style statement, the dress exudes confidence and style, embracing the asymmetrical allure for a unique fashion statement.
Meticulous Craftsmanship: Designed by DivyaThreads and handmade in Indonesia, the dress reflects meticulous attention to detail and offers a blend of elegance and trendiness.

Size and Fit: One size fits XS/S/M; model usually wears XS/S sizes, ensuring versatility and comfort for various body types.

Care Instructions for Silk Garments:
Hand Wash: Use silk-specific detergent with lukewarm water, avoiding regular detergents or fabric softeners.
Gentle Rinse: Swirl gently in soapy water and rinse thoroughly without wringing or twisting.
Ironing: Iron on the lowest setting while slightly damp using a pressing cloth to protect the silk.
Storage: Fold loosely and store in breathable containers, avoiding extended hanging to prevent stretching or distortion.

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