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APHRODITE Moonstone Hexagon Necklace 925 Silver

APHRODITE Moonstone Hexagon Necklace 925 Silver

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APHRODITE Moonstone Hexagon Necklace: Embrace the enchanting beauty of our Aphrodite Moonstone Hexagon Necklace, a timeless piece crafted with care and elegance.

Material: Meticulously crafted from premium 925 Sterling Silver, this necklace radiates sophistication and enduring charm. The silver finish adds a classic touch to the overall design.

Main Stone - Moonstone: The centerpiece of this necklace features a captivating Moonstone, known for its iridescence and enchanting play of colors. Moonstone is believed to bring calmness, balance, and emotional healing to the wearer, making this necklace a symbol of serenity.

Stone Size and Shape: The Moonstone is hexagon-cut, measuring 16X8X3.5 mm, enhancing its unique and distinctive appearance. The hexagonal shape adds a modern touch to the classic design. The round-cut White Topaz accent stones further elevate the overall aesthetic.

Chain Length: The necklace includes an 18-inch chain, offering a versatile length that complements various necklines and styles.

Stone Variations: Please note that the color and texture of the Moonstone may differ in each piece, adding a touch of individuality to your jewelry.

Versatile Elegance: The Aphrodite Moonstone Hexagon Necklace in Rose Gold seamlessly transitions from day to night, making it a versatile accessory for any occasion. Whether worn alone or layered, it enhances your style with timeless elegance.

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