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Beige Brown Floral Silk Kimono Shorts Set Mens

Beige Brown Floral Silk Kimono Shorts Set Mens

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Elegant Beige and Brown Floral Kimono Set:
Sophisticated Design: Handcrafted kimono and shorts set adorned with an elegant beige floral pattern complemented by refined brown accents for a luxurious touch.
Silk Elegance: Crafted with exquisite silk blend abric in a sleek beige hue, intricately woven with a stunning brown floral design for a chic and opulent appearance.
Open-Front Style: Provides a relaxed, graceful fit, blending traditional allure with contemporary chic.
Length: Tailored to pelvis area, ensuring a fusion of timeless charm and modern style.
Matching Shorts: Stylish shorts featuring the captivating beige and brown floral pattern, delivering comfort and style with its stretchy fabric.

Offers diverse styling possibilities adaptable to various occasions for a versatile wardrobe choice.

Care Instructions for Silk Garments:
Hand Wash: Use silk-specific detergent with lukewarm water, avoiding regular detergents or fabric softeners.
Gentle Rinse: Swirl gently in soapy water and rinse thoroughly without wringing or twisting.
Ironing: Iron on the lowest setting while slightly damp using a pressing cloth to protect the silk.
Storage: Fold loosely and store in breathable containers, avoiding extended hanging to prevent stretching or distortion.

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