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Divya Threads

Black White Floral Silk Kimono

Black White Floral Silk Kimono

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Black and White Floral Silk Kimono

Craftsmanship: This exquisite silk kimono, crafted from luxurious Indonesian silk blend, showcases a captivating black hue adorned with intricate floral patterns in black and white
Symbolism of the Lotus: Like the lotus flower rising from murky depths to bloom in purity, this kimono celebrates the lotus's beauty and symbolism, reflected in its stunning design.
Indonesian Silk Blend Excellence: Handmade with the finest Indonesian silk blend, the kimono offers both striking fashion and unparalleled comfort. Meticulously woven floral patterns in white lend a mesmerizing and eye-catching allure.
Versatile Elegance: Whether for relaxation or special occasions, this silk kimono complements any setting. Its elegance and sophistication elevate personal style, leaving an impression of grace and refinement.
DivyaThreads Design: Crafted by DivyaThreads and lovingly handmade in Indonesia, this kimono showcases superior craftsmanship and artistic design.
Size and Fit: Available in one size, fitting XS/S/M, and offering a versatile fit for L when worn open.
Styling Suggestions: Explore versatile styling options with this silk kimono:
1. Luxurious Lounging: A luxurious robe over loungewear for comfort and style at home.
2. Casual Chic: Elevate casual attire by layering the kimono over jeans and a simple t-shirt.
3. Dress Layering: Add a layer of color and texture over a dress for formal or special occasions.
4. Defined Silhouette: Create a structured look by belting the kimono to accentuate the waistline.
5. Poolside Glam: Use it as a fashionable swimsuit cover-up, blending sun protection with style.
Care Instructions: To maintain the shine and texture of the silk, handwashing with silk-specific detergent, gentle pressing, and proper storage are recommended. Following these care instructions will preserve the quality and beauty of this exquisite garment.

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