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Blue Pink Floral Silk Tie Wrap Long Skirt Womens

Blue Pink Floral Silk Tie Wrap Long Skirt Womens

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Wrap-Around Floor-Length Skirt: Blue Floral
Material and Design:
Elegant Fabric: Crafted from quality material with a blue floral pattern, adorned with pink and yellow flowers for an eye-catching appeal.
Wrap-Around Style: Designed as a floor-length skirt with additional material to wrap and tie around the body, offering versatile ways to secure with a knot or bow.
Styling and Fit:
Adjustable Fit: Wrap-around design allows for a customizable fit and style according to individual preferences.
Versatile Wear: Suitable for various occasions, adaptable for casual or formal settings, providing flexibility in styling options.
Artistry and Modern Style:
Floral Pattern: Detailed design showcasing a blue backdrop with captivating pink and yellow flowers, displaying exquisite craftsmanship.
Chic and Modern: Merges classic floral elegance with a contemporary floor-length style, a timeless addition to any wardrobe.

Size and Length:
Floor-Length: Provides full coverage and elegance, enhancing movement and style.

Care and Maintenance:
Fabric Care: Specific care instructions for maintaining the skirt's color and quality over time.
Quality Assurance: Ensured quality material and craftsmanship for durability and lasting elegance.

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