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Blue Labradorite Beaded Stack Bracelet

Blue Labradorite Beaded Stack Bracelet

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Adjustable Layered Blue Labradorite Bracelet - a blend of style and metaphysical energy.
Design: Crafted with braided bracelets, beads, and faux leather for depth and visual interest.
Centerpiece: 20mm diameter round labradorite gemstone with customizable grade options.
Grade AAA: Vibrant flashes, minimal dark spots, offers mesmerizing color display.
Labradorite Properties: Shields against negativity, promotes balance, strength, and aura protection.
Essence of Transformation: Empowers personal growth, inner strength, and transformation.
Adjustable Fit: Circumference adjustable from 16.5cm to 20cm for a comfortable fit on any wrist size.
Embrace the Essence: Experience labradorite's beauty, strength, and connection to energies.
Meaningful Adornment: A reminder of inner strength, transformation, and connection to energies, elevating style with significance.

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