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DAYA Blue Larimar Pendant Necklace Silver

DAYA Blue Larimar Pendant Necklace Silver

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Design: Features a breathtaking 12mm round Larimar stone resembling gentle sea ripples, meticulously polished for a flawless finish.
Materials: Set in a high-quality stainless steel pendant available in a silver finish, showcasing the stone's beauty.
Customizable Chain: Pendant hangs gracefully from a sturdy 2mm-wide cable chain, available in various lengths for personalized wear. Offers a blend of durability with lightweight comfort for extended wear.
Larimar's Properties: Known for its calming energy, it soothes stress and anxiety while fostering relaxation and mental clarity. Associated with enhancing communication and linked to the throat chakra, aiding in self-expression and inner connection.
Meaningful Accessory: Perfect for any occasion, adding an elegant touch to outfits and making a unique and thoughtful gift. Ideal for those valuing both the aesthetic beauty and potential spiritual healing of gemstones.
Larimar's Uniqueness: Known as "Stefilia's Stone," it's a rare blue variety of the silicate mineral pectolite, exclusively sourced from the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean.

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