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Camellia -  Red Floral Silk Kimono Shorts Set Mens
Camellia -  Red Floral Silk Kimono Shorts Set Mens
Camellia -  Red Floral Silk Kimono Shorts Set Mens
Camellia -  Red Floral Silk Kimono Shorts Set Mens
Camellia -  Red Floral Silk Kimono Shorts Set Mens

Camellia - Red Floral Silk Kimono Shorts Set Mens

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Seasonal Inspiration: The perfect Festival Kimono!

Introducing our remarkable handmade kimono and shorts set for men, inspired by the captivating red colors of the Red Camellia. This extraordinary ensemble seamlessly blends traditional elegance with contemporary fashion, bringing together style, comfort, and a touch of romantic allure.

Crafted with meticulous care, the kimono boasts a rich fabric in shades of red, reminiscent of the vibrant hues found in the petals of the Red Camellia. The exquisite design, influenced by the captivating beauty of this sacred flower, is expertly woven into the fabric, evoking a sense of passion and perfection.

With its open-front design, the kimono allows for a relaxed fit that drapes gracefully, embracing the wearer with a sense of ease and sophistication. A matching silk tie accompanies the kimono, providing a customizable and secure closure. The length is tailored to reach the pelvis area, striking a harmonious balance between traditional Japanese influences and modern style.

Complementing the kimono are the wide-legged shorts, crafted with the same attention to detail and inspired by the captivating red colors of the Red Camellia. These comfortable shorts feature a stretchy fabric that allows for freedom of movement without compromising on style. The design seamlessly integrates with the kimono, creating a cohesive and eye-catching ensemble.

With the red hues of the Red Camellia as its muse, this kimono and shorts set exudes an air of romance, passion, and timeless beauty. Embrace the allure of the Red Camellia, symbolizing love and perfection, and immerse yourself in the luxury and sophistication of this meticulously crafted ensemble designed for the modern man.

Designed by DivyaThreads

Handmade in Indonesia

Size and Dimensions

One Size
Fits XS, S, M
Fits L for Open Kimono

Model normally wears size Small

Ways to wear your DivyaThreads Kimono and Shorts Set

Our silk kimono and shorts set offers endless possibilities for stylish ensembles. Here are a few suggestions on how to wear and style this exquisite set:

1. Classic Lounge Ensemble: Slip into the kimono over a simple white T-shirt or tank top and pair it with the matching silk shorts. This combination creates a relaxed yet sophisticated look, perfect for lounging at home or enjoying a casual outing.

2. Summer Chic: Wear the shorts with a lightweight linen or cotton shirt in a complementary color. Tuck in the shirt for a polished appearance or leave it untucked for a more laid-back vibe. Layer the kimono over the shirt, allowing it to flow open or cinch it at the waist with the silk tie for a more defined silhouette. Complete the outfit with loafers or sandals for a fresh and fashionable summer ensemble.

3. Evening Elegance: For a special occasion or a night out, combine the kimono with tailored black trousers. The contrasting textures of silk and trousers add a touch of sophistication. Pair the ensemble with leather dress shoes or sleek loafers, and accessorize with a minimalist belt and a stylish watch.

4. Resort Getaway: Embrace a resort-inspired look by wearing the kimono as a statement piece over a crisp white linen shirt. Leave it open for a breezy, relaxed feel or tie the silk tie loosely around the waist for a more defined shape. Pair it with the silk shorts and complete the look with sandals or espadrilles for a vacation-ready ensemble.

5. Street Style Edge: Mix the elegance of the kimono with a contemporary urban twist by wearing it over a graphic tee and distressed jeans. Layer the kimono open and let it flow loosely for a stylish and laid-back aesthetic. Finish off the look with sneakers or ankle boots and accessorize with a few statement accessories like a bold watch or a leather bracelet.

Remember, these are just a few suggestions to inspire your creativity. Don't be afraid to experiment and create your own unique combinations with this versatile silk kimono and shorts set. Express your personal style and make a fashion statement that reflects your individuality.


Washing and care for your silk garment

Silk is a luxurious and delicate fabric that requires special care when washing to maintain its shine and texture. Here are some tips on how to care for and wash a silk garment:

Hand wash: If your silk garment can be washed at home, fill a clean sink or basin with lukewarm water and a gentle detergent made specifically for silk. Avoid using regular laundry detergent, bleach, or fabric softener, as these can damage the fibers. Gently swirl the garment in the soapy water for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly with cool water.

Don't wring: Do not wring or twist the silk garment to remove excess water. Instead, gently press the water out with a clean towel or let it hang dry.

Iron carefully: If the silk garment is wrinkled, iron it on the lowest setting while it is still slightly damp. Use a pressing cloth to protect the fabric and avoid direct contact between the iron and the silk.

Store carefully: When storing silk garments, fold them loosely and place them in a breathable storage bag or container. Avoid hanging silk garments for extended periods, as this can cause stretching and distortion.

By following these tips, you can keep your silk garments looking beautiful and feeling soft for years to come.