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CHHOTA Lapis Lazuli Ring Gold

CHHOTA Lapis Lazuli Ring Gold

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Sleek Design: A stainless steel silver ring boasting a 12mm lapis lazuli stone on an adjustable band.
Unique Gemstone: Each genuine lapis lazuli stone showcases stunning navy blues, greys, silvers, and whites, resembling a starry night sky with its unique colors and textures.
Tarnish-Free Build: Crafted to resist tarnishing, ensuring lasting beauty.
Natural Gemstone: Embrace the authenticity of a natural gemstone.
Varied and Unique: Each stone's individuality means variations in colors and textures, making every piece one-of-a-kind.

Lapis Lazuli Properties: Known for enhancing self-awareness, wisdom, and inner truth. It's believed to promote harmony and mental clarity while fostering creativity and spiritual growth.

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