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Dried Flower Clear Glass Mug

Dried Flower Clear Glass Mug

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Dried Flower Clear Glass Mug:

- Choose from two differently shaped options for this exquisite dried flower clear glass mug, available in 250ml and 350ml sizes.
Double Insulation:
- The cup is double insulated, creating an air barrier for enhanced temperature control.
High Borosilicate Glass:
- Crafted from high borosilicate glass, the entire body of the mug can withstand instantaneous temperature differences of up to 180°C.
Double-Layer Insulation:
- Features double-layer insulation, manually blown for explosion-proof and heat-resistant properties.
Rounded Edge with Handle Insulation:
- The cup has a rounded edge, ensuring a gentle touch to your lips, and includes handle insulation for added comfort.
Exquisite Workmanship:
- Meticulously crafted with smooth and round mouth detailing, offering a clear and transparent appearance for a delightful drinking experience.
- The hole in the bottom of the cup is part of the double-layer cup craft, not a flaw.
Material: Glass
Size: 110*80*50mm
Weight: 160g

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