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Fire Labradorite Square Pendant Necklace 925 Silver

Fire Labradorite Square Pendant Necklace 925 Silver

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Introducing our mesmerizing Labradorite Cuboid Pendant, a true work of art showcasing the captivating beauty of labradorite. This unique pendant features a polished labradorite block of AAA quality, meticulously shaped into a 3D cuboid, and elegantly wrapped in 925 Silver.

The pendant, measuring 2cm x 2cm, exudes an aura of mystique and sophistication. The smooth, polished surface allows the natural colors and iridescence of the labradorite to shine through, creating a stunning visual display.

To complete the pendant, you have the choice of either a silver stainless steel chain or a 925 Silver cable chain, ensuring a stylish and comfortable wearing experience.

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