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Larvikite Beaded Bracelet Stack

Larvikite Beaded Bracelet Stack

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Larvikite Beaded Bracelet Stack - a versatile, stylish accessory for men.
Design: Adjustable layered bracelet with braided elements, beads, and faux leather for a rugged yet refined appearance.
Centerpiece: 20mm diameter round Larvikite crystal, known for captivating colors and textures.
Larvikite Characteristics: Each stone unique, showcasing captivating colors and textures.
Visual Allure: Stones exhibit subtle flashes of light, adding an eye-catching effect to the bracelet stack.
Sophistication: Dark and mysterious nature of Larvikite brings sophistication to casual or formal wear.
Adjustable Fit: Circumference adjusts from 16.5cm to 20cm, ensuring a comfortable fit for various wrists.
Statement Piece: Adds dimension and depth to your style, making a statement in any setting.
Elegance and Uniqueness: Enhance everyday or special occasion looks with the charm of Larvikite, embracing each stone's natural beauty.

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