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LUNEIA Celestial Moon O Ring Wheat Chain Choker - Gold

LUNEIA Celestial Moon O Ring Wheat Chain Choker - Gold

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LUNEIA Celestial Moon Pendant O Ring Wheat Chain Choker - Gold

Chic Design: An elegant Crescent Moon Pendant on a Gold O-ring design, showcased on a durable Stainless Steel Chunky Wheat Chain for sophistication and sturdiness.
Stainless Steel Chain and Pendant: Crafted from lustrous gold stainless steel, featuring a chunky design that offers both boldness and timelessness, making it a statement accessory.
Symbolic Pendant: The captivating crescent moon design symbolizes femininity, intuition, and life cycles, adorned with a stainless steel crescent moon charm pendant.
Personalization: Pendant can be removed and swapped with another. The necklace may also be styled without the pendant and also can be moved around to be worn as a simple layered chain necklace.
Necklace Details: Approximately 13.8 inches in length, offering a trendy and snug choker fit. The necklace's thickness of 6mm adds to its robust appearance, creating an attention-grabbing piece.
Pendant Dimensions: Hanging gracefully at approximately 1 inch, the crescent moon pendant becomes a captivating focal point, adding sophistication and individuality to your style.
Versatile Accessory: Perfect for standalone wear or layering, suitable for various occasions from casual to formal, making it an ideal gift for those who appreciate celestial symbolism and enduring beauty.

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