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moss agate faceted minimalist dainty ring gold stainless steel

ODESSA Moss Agate Dainty Ring - Gold

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Faceted Moss Agate Ring in Gold Stainless Steel
Gemstone: Featuring a 6mm faceted moss agate stone set in a gold stainless steel ring.
Natural Beauty: Moss agate exhibits unique patterns resembling moss or foliage within the stone.
Tarnish-Resistant: Crafted from stainless steel to ensure resistance against tarnishing, offering enduring beauty.
Hypoallergenic and Waterproof: Designed for sensitive skin and daily wear, remaining unaffected by water exposure.
Adjustable Fit: Accommodates various sizes for a comfortable and customized fit.
Moss Agate Properties: Revered for its association with nature, moss agate is believed to bring balance, tranquility, and stability. It's thought to promote growth, prosperity, and optimism while fostering inner peace and emotional healing."