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VARG Rainbow Moonstone Square Ring - Silver

VARG Rainbow Moonstone Square Ring - Silver

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Rainbow Moonstone Faceted Square Ring in Silver
Rainbow Moonstone Detail: Showcasing a beguiling white Rainbow Moonstone, measuring 10mm by 10mm in an alluring square shape, exuding a gentle iridescence.
Stainless Steel Silver Design: Crafted with durable stainless steel, offering both resilience and a sophisticated look.
Adjustable & Sleek: An adjustable design cleverly conceals adjustments beneath the stone, providing a seamless appearance of a closed ring.
Properties & Endurance: Hypoallergenic, waterproof, and resistant to tarnishing, ensuring enduring wear and maintaining its allure.
Mystical Characteristics:
Iridescent Glow: Radiates a serene, iridescent glow, adding a touch of mystique.
Enhanced Intuition: Known to amplify intuition and nurture spiritual growth.
Protective Essence: Revered as a protective talisman, fostering inner strength and guarding against negativity.

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