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VARG Labradorite Square Ring - Silver

VARG Labradorite Square Ring - Silver

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VARG Labradorite Ring in Silver:
Stone Detail: Faceted AAA labradorite showcasing mesmerizing blue flashes, measuring 10mm by 10mm in a striking square shape.
Material: Stainless steel silver ring design for durability and a sleek look.
Adjustable Design: Features an adjustable fit with a hidden adjustment beneath the stone, creating the appearance of a closed ring.
Properties: Hypoallergenic, waterproof, and resistant to tarnishing for long-lasting wear and appeal.

Mystical Flashes: Reveals captivating blue flashes and a play of colors.Intuitive Energy: Known for enhancing intuition and promoting spiritual growth.
Protective Talisman: Considered a stone of protection, guarding against negative energies and promoting inner strength."

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