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White Floral Silk Mini Flowy Mini Dress

White Floral Silk Mini Flowy Mini Dress

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White Floral Silk Mini Dress

Design Inspiration: Adorned with vibrant orange and delicate beige flowers against a mesmerizing white hue. Its playful yet flowy babydoll shape embodies effortless style.
Luxurious Fabric: Crafted from sumptuous silk blend, this dress offers an indulgent and luxurious feel against the skin. The soft, flowing fabric elegantly drapes around your figure, providing freedom of movement and creating a stunning silhouette exuding charm and elegance.
Adjustable Halter Neckline: Featuring a halter neckline that ties behind the neck, this dress offers an adjustable fit while showcasing shoulders and décolletage. The front straps allow for creative cross-tying at the back, enabling versatile styling options and adding allure to the design.

Boho Style and Dreamy Silk: Perfect for expressing your free spirit, this boho-inspired dress crafted from dreamy silk and is ideal for various occasions, from music festivals to leisurely days out, ensuring you make a statement wherever you go.
Bohemian Flair: Embrace your bohemian flair as the pattern takes you on a whimsical journey of elegance and enchantment. Radiate confidence and beauty while exuding playful yet sophisticated allure.
Divya Threads Design: Designed by Divya Threads and meticulously handmade in Indonesia, this mini dress signifies superior craftsmanship and artistry in its creation.
Size and Fit: One size fits XS/S/M; model usually wears XS/S sizes, ensuring versatility and comfort for various body types.
Styling Suggestions: The mini dress offers diverse styling options for different occasions and moods, including boho chic, edgy glam, effortlessly elegant, summer romance, layered looks, and casual cool. These suggestions aim to inspire creativity in accessorizing and creating unique outfits.
Care Instructions: To maintain the silk garment's shine and texture, follow specific care instructions such as handwashing with silk-specific detergent, avoiding wringing, ironing on a low setting, and storing folded in a breathable container to prevent distortion.

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