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Yellow Floral Silk Kimono Robe - Marigold

Yellow Floral Silk Kimono Robe - Marigold

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Yellow Floral Silk Kimono Robe
Craftsmanship: Handcrafted using the finest Indonesian silk blend, this kimono showcases intricate floral patterns in vibrant yellow, red, and blue hues, reminiscent of the sacred marigold flower known for its cultural significance and beauty.
Luxurious Feel: The silk blend fabric drapes elegantly, offering a soft and luxurious touch while creating a flattering and feminine silhouette. Its wide sleeves ensure comfort and ease of movement, making it a versatile and comfortable garment suitable for various occasions.
Versatile Statement Piece: Whether relaxing at home or dressing up for an event, this silk kimono promises to capture attention and make a distinctive statement. Its unique blend of Indonesian silk and colorful floral motifs adds elegance and beauty to any ensemble.
DivyaThreads Design: Designed by DivyaThreads and meticulously handmade in Indonesia, this kimono reflects superior craftsmanship and attention to detail.
Size and Fit: Available in one size fitting XS/S/M, and offering a versatile fit for L when worn open.
Styling Options: This silk kimono offers diverse styling possibilities:
1. Loungewear Luxury: Ideal as a luxurious robe over pajamas or loungewear, providing both comfort and style.
2. Casual Elegance: Elevate a casual outfit by layering it over jeans and a simple t-shirt, adding an element of sophistication.
3. Dress Layering: Enhance a dress by layering the silk kimono, infusing vibrancy and texture for a more formal or special occasion.
4. Waist Emphasis: Define the silhouette by belting the kimono at the waist, highlighting the waistline for a structured look.
5. Poolside Glam: Use it as a chic swimsuit cover-up, offering both style and sun protection.
Care Instructions: To maintain its shine and texture, handwashing in lukewarm water with silk-specific detergent is advised. Avoid wringing and iron gently on low settings while slightly damp. Proper storage is essential to prevent stretching and distortion.

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